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Price management

Price expert can automatically manage prices of all your products.


Make good decisions based on data, thanks to advanced reports.

Support your competence

Monitor the products and prices at competitors’ online stores.

Price expert

Price expert will help you to answer the following questions

  • Which products should we raise the price of?
  • Which products should we lower the price of?
  • What is your optimal pricing strategy for your products?
  • Which products are the most profitable?
  • What products are missing in the offer?
  • Which of your products are competitive?

How Price Expert works

The most important functionalities!

Make wise decisions based on data, and not intuition.


Unavailability analysis

Compare and analyze availability of products in different categories in your stores and on online auctions.


The system suggests what prices should be set for particular products. Thanks to that you will be able to maintain leadership position.

Pricing rules

Accelerate and automate the processes of setting prices in your store – define pricing rules for particular products or categories.


Thanks to Price expert you don’t have to track your competition manually. You will save your time thanks to our system.


The system allows you to generate different types of reports, both for particular products and full categories.

Pricing experiments

Make experiments with different variants of prices. Thanks to our system you will be able to test prices thanks to A/B testing!



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